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Due to the new house, the new kid and the new job, I've not done much woodworking this past year.
Brass Infill Plane
Building a Norris-style infill hand plane.
Brass Belt Buckle
With some scrap 3/16" 200 alloy brass from the infill plane project, a brass belt buckle was made.
Mesquite Pepper Mill & Salt Shaker
My sister needed a pepper grinder for Christmas. We used this kit and these instructions.
Tortoise Construction Log
My son is building a Payson Tortoise.
TinyCat Construction Log
I've got a Payson TinyCat on hold at the moment.
Building Chuck's Boat
My son and I spent Spring Break 2004 in Rockport, Texas helping my friend Chuck build a medium sized catboat.
Thumb Piano
A thumb piano (also known as a "Kalimba") is a somewhat primitive musical instrument, usually made up of found pieces of metal and wood. My shop contributed some of the hardware, but most of the project was scavenged from the street over the past year.
Frame Saw
I have a huge cherry log in the garage that needs to be made into lumber. It's too big for my band saw and the sawyers in the neighborhood are afraid there might be metal in it (and won't trust my detector). So I'm making a frame saw. It's not going very well; this may be a prototype.
Shoulder Plane
I needed a shoulder plane (think Stanley #92) for something (I forget what). So I made one.
Block Plane
I had a nice Hock block plane iron and needed a block plane. So I made one. It work very nicely. Especially when it is sharp.
Tie Rack
When I was a bit older than nine, Dad and I made a tie rack for a Boy Scout project. It had some dozen pegs and was made out of southern yellow pine. A few years ago, my own son and I made one for him, again out of SYP. The time has come to expand mine and I am using specially turned pegs and a backboard of curly maple with routed cherry trim. I've decided the project needed some additional interest and have added some 3/8" walnut trim behind the cherry. I think it frames things well.
The great debate this past week with my dad was that he thought I'd save the curly maple for some visible project and not squirrel it away in a closet somewhere. He's got a point, although I'll be looking at it daily.
Wren Bird House
I had an eight-foot 1" x 8" (S3S) cedar board that I turned into a wren house today. Got bored and just did it. Ashton, my nephew, helped out some. My ulterior motive was to get some shop space back. (We've been tripping over that board for a long time.) Gave it to my sister as an early Christmas gift for her townhouse in northern VA. The hole is 1" in diameter, so we're hoping for wrens.
Shaker Sewing Table
A friend from church (see "Bible Stand" below) has a son who has made a variation on the Shaker sewing table theme for his two sisters to be used as a bedside table.
Infant's Toy Car
My 4-year old daughter is in love with Herbie the Love Bug and anything related to VW Beetles (preferably the old ones). We've got a number of 1.5" maple blanks cut out (bandsaw) in the rough shape of some beetles. We'll publish the template and plans in Designer's Notebook.
My Friend's Model Railroad
My colleague is modeling the Erie & Pittsburgh Branch of the Penn Central railroad and needed some woodworking assistance. I was, of course, only too happy to oblige.
Bible Stand
A friend from church has a son who needed some workshop help to make a Bible stand for a large family Bible.
Mirror Frame for Church Women's Restroom
Our church is doing a project called "Sacred Space". The whole church building was renovated. I volunteered to install a frame around the mirror in the Women's room.
I did finally finish it, by using epoxy to fix the frame to the glass. The current theory is that when the window was left open, the near zero temperatures caused either the glass (my bet) or the frame to shrink, causing the mirror to shatter.
Back Porch Refit
In 2002 my family and I purchased a ninety-some year old house that needs some attention. There's a 21.5' by 8.5' portion off the back of the house that may have been a back porch at one time. After months of hearing the plaster fall down on the drop ceiling and behind the 1/8" paneling, we decided to open it up. We were surprised that someone would cover up a problem that way.
Anyway, here's the floor plan. The right-hand side will be a breakfast nook/sun-room idea with a built-in bench in the corner and a bar on the left wall. The left-hand side will be a mud room leading out into the back yard. (I've got some neat ideas for built-ins here. Lockers for each kid with a boot tray under the bench.) The rooms in the middle of this space will be a bathroom and a hallway.
Grandma's China Cupboard
My wife has asked me to replicate her Grandmother's china cupboard.

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