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Privacy is very important to me. I do not track any piece of information from you unless you make a purchase. At that time I record and pair together your address and my shipping information for my personal records.
I will send you an email when your item has shipped. Unless I am responding to an email you sent, that will be the last email you receive from me.
If I am asked by PayPal (as part of a complaint) to demonstrate that I have made a shipment to you, I will provide that information to them at that time and for that purpose only.
You will not be asked to disclose any personal or financial information until the time you decide to make a purchase. At that time, you will be redirected to PayPal's secure server where the transaction will be completed using 128kbit SSL encryption. I will receive a confirmation of your order from PayPal by email. This confirmation does not include your payment information but is only confirmation that you have paid.
At no time will I ever have access to your credit card information.

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