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Tropical American Tree Farms
Tropical American Tree Farms has a great reference area for the species of trees that they sell. They present a very interesting business model of purchasing both clear-cut farm land and neighboring untouched rainforest in Costa Rica and then planting teak, mahogany, Brazilian cherry and other native species in the already clear-cut land while protecting their acres of the rainforest.
You can purchase trees from them, and when they grow up (about 25 years), you can turn them into lumber. Not only does this redeem otherwise discarded land and preserve existing rainforest, but it reduces the market pressure to clear the land for its timber in the first place.
Chip Richter
Chip Richter sings a really fun kid's song written from the viewpoint of a tree. Near the end, the tree makes the request of not being turned into lumber but . . . well, here are the lyrics to "Branching Out" from his Designed to Shine CD.
MapleLeaf Hardwoods
MapleLeaf Hardwoods sells and ships maple, cherry and oak. Not the lumber you can get down the street (at least my street) at your local lumberyard, but stuff with personality: curly, bird's-eye, figured, quilted - you name it.
La Leche League International
La Leche League International is a terrific organization for Moms & Dads who want to make the most of the few years given us. While it focuses on breast-feeding, it truly is a comprehensive parenting site.
Supporting my breast-feeding wife was what got me into making my rocking-chair footstools in the first place. If you didn't like mine, search for the word "stool" in LLL's Web Store. (Note: As of 20040113, their search engine appears to be broken. Look for "Medela Nursing Stool" here.)
For those of you who miss the philosophy, the fun and the friendship expressed in Calvin & Hobbes, you might want to try Frazz. He's who Calvin might have grown up to be had he ever finished first grade. Remember the existentialism expressed with an upside-down tiger and small boy as they tumble through space after a toboggan accident? Now we have Frazz (the school janitor) and Mr. Burke (the school's best teacher) playing one-on-one basketball games with much the same effect.
I see traces of Miss Wormwood in Mrs. Olsen and glimpses of Susie in Miss Plainwell. And what about Caulfield? Caulfield is eight and might be better off homeschooled. I failed a whole year of reading when I was a bit older than Caulfield because when the teacher called on me to read I didn't know where the class was in the story -- I'd be chapters and stories ahead. That's Caulfield.
I know, I know: Jef Mallett probably doesn't intend any such connections. Let's just say that Frazz fills a spot in my life that's been empty since Tuesday, December 31, 1995. And I've told Mr. Mallett that.
Mr. Mallett did the graphics for an article on Watterson for our local Scene magazine (20031126). Also, he did an online chat with some folks for the Washington Post Style section (20031205).
Reading List
My reading list isn't always related to woodworking. I mostly keep track of these things for my own personal benefit.
Pirate Name
My pirate name is:
Red Harry Read
Passion is a big part of your life, which makes sense for a pirate. Even through many pirates have a reputation for not being the brightest souls on earth, you defy the sterotypes. You've got taste and education. Arr!
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