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Some of what you'll find here will have enough information to create your own version of the project. Others are just notes about things that I may or may not have created. I'm a strong supporter of Open Source software and think the idea can be applied to many areas, not just software. I found a series of licenses that are designed for creative stuff in general at Creative Commons and I am currently leaning toward this license.
Any thoughts on how I should present these project plans? PDF? HTML? Contact me.
Nursing Stool
A nursing stool is a footstool angled such that when you place your feet on it, you end up having ample lap space for holding kids (without your knees hitting your chin). My wife uses them when she's in her rocking chair with one (or more) of our three children. I've made several, some for keeps, some for gifts and some for sale.
A simple one can be created from a single 1" x 12" x 24" piece of material. I've made them from oak, pine, cherry, poplar, maple, walnut, mahogany and other species of wood. The top is usually routed from left to right in multiple rows, giving the feet some traction. I occasionally apply a contrasting wood (e.g., maple on cherry/walnut, walnut on maple) into these dadoes to provide a slightly proud bit of wood that acts in the same way.
I usually apply four rubber feet to keep it from slipping as you rock and push on it.
Child's Stepstool
My child's stepstool is also largely made from a single 1" x 12" x 24" piece of material. The treads are usually scraps left over from other projects.
The 1" x 12" is divided into two steps. The sole riser has a cutout that acts as a handle, and the whole thing has four rubber feet to keep it solid and from slipping.
Office File Folder Holder
The file folder holder I designed is a place to store your most active file folders on your desk. There are six to eight panels that flip back and forth to keep them separated and somewhat vertical. I suppose a photo would be best. I'll post one soon.

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