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Although the most common request I receive is for material thicknessing, I am open to other woodworking service requests. Please contact me with your specific request.
Material Thicknessing
It seems that many small shop workers are discovering that the hardwood prices at Home Depot and Lowes are higher than purchasing directly from a lumberyard. Some lumberyards will thickness the material for you but that seems to depend largely on how many board feet you're buying.
I have some limitations in my shop. If your stock is currently:
  • Rough sawn
    We are limited to 6" wide (the size of my jointer).
  • Surfaced one side
    We are limited to 13" wide (the size of my planer).
  • Greater than 6" thick
    We'll probably need to resort to hand surfacing (my planer limitation).
Although the minimum practical thickness is 1/4", I can thickness to 1/8" or less if the grain isn't heavily figured.
Hand surfacing
If you don't mind the much greater cost due to the extensive labor involved, hand surfacing is available. This would largely be for stock that either starts or needs to remain fairly thick (greater than 6" thick) or starts or needs to remain fairly wide (greater than 13" wide).
Shop rate
The shop rate is forty (40) dollars (US) an hour rounded up to the nearest 1/4 hour (15 minutes). There is a 1/2 hour (30 minutes) minimum.

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