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This is based off the Stanley Rabbet plane No. 92. 3/4" wide, not quite 2" tall and not quite 8" long.
I'm planning a couple more of these. Probably with some real hardwood though. McMasterCarr sells Alloy 510 Phosphor Bronze strips that I think would work. So do some sort of a cocobolo infill, use bronze for the cheeks and perhaps pin it together with some bronze 1/8" dowels? What about Alloy 220? Would that work? Most of my hand-made tools use Alloy 360 brass. Seems to me I hear most folks using Manganese bronze, perhaps Alloy 863?
Here's the prototype (200301-00). The blade is set at 22o. It has a core of 1/2" poplar and cheeks of 1/8" hardboard.
It works, too!
I'm using a rabbet plane iron, so perhaps it isn't a true shoulder plane at all.

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