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Soaring Eagles

Woodbadge course C-33-05 (the 33rd course this year in BSA's Central region) was August 26-28 and September 17-19, 2005. We had a good time, learned lots and are now busy working our Tickets.

Included here are our patrol totem, song and picture.


The patrol Totem is a stylized Eagle in an almost-Thunderbird form. The characters from the course number (C-33-05) are all included:

For personal use, each patrol member would draw the six feathers and shade in their personal feather.

C-33-05 - Soaring Eagles Patrol Totem


The patrol Song uses the tune from "Junior Birdmen".

Up in the air, Soaring Eagles.
Toward all of our goals, Flying high.
Up in the air, Soaring Eagles.
To finish our tickets we will try.


The patrol picture was taken in front of Gilwell Field (north end of lake Klien at Beaumont Scout Reservation in Rock Creek, Ohio, Greater Cleveland Council). You can't tell, but it was heavily overcast and intermittantly drizzling.

C-33-05 - Soaring Eagles Patrol (Hats)

Front row (L→R): John Mellor, Kate Spry, Clare Mansperger (Troop Guide), Joe Colo

Back row (L→R): Peggy Hart, Bud Ford, Jeffrey Gifford

More pictures

Here are some additional pictures of the Eagles.