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New Scribbling (199902)


This is a page to store random musings and scribblings.

Someday I'll finish some of them.

Why I'm a Public Transportation Junkie

For some strange reason, I really enjoy riding public transportation.

Lessons learned as a Landlord

For seven months now, I've been a landlord. Here are some things I've learned.

How I became a Messer (again)

A narrative I wrote for submission to Messing About In Boats.

Joseph in Egypt

Lessons in management, leadership and administration

Coffee cup seams

Why does everyone but Starbucks™ know not to put the seam in line with the lid's opening?

Mendenhall after Katrina

Narrative of our trip to Mississippi

Team Development & Team Leadership

Materials to explore Team Development stages and Team Leadership strategies.

Musings on CSS

Some of the different Cascading Style Sheets I've worked on over the while.