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Our church is doing a project called "Sacred Space". The whole church building was renovated. I volunteered to install a frame around the mirror in the Women's room.
I'm finding it difficult to get any work done when the building is in use. I'll have to find a nice quiet day when there aren't any women around...
Here's most of the mirror. The tricky bit will be getting something to butt up against that far wall without throwing the perspective off for the rest of the frame.
Shouldn't be too hard -- just wrap the edges with some poplar or something.
Here's that tricky corner again.
The "stars" that hold it up might give folks a problem if the distance between them and the edge isn't the same all the way around.
(That's me with the flash.)
Well, here's the slab Jamie and I purchased on 11/10/2003. 8/4" x 12" x 6'. What's that, 12 board feet?
Slicing off bit by bit (11/11/2003). You can see the storystick in the background and a quick note on the paper. We've made 4/4" square sticks. Next step: route out the profile.
More mostly of the storystick and the notes. You can see we've made the decision for which edge would be against the wall and which would be attached to the mirror.
Here it is; installed on the mirror (11/22/2003). We used some two-part epoxy to get it to stick. Takes four minutes to completely bond, so we leaned up against it to get the pressure right. Jamie has a bit in his hair...
The corners were tricky so we relied on putty for the right fit.
Things look better already! We plan to sand and spread the first coat on 11/24/2003.
Early one Sunday morning (7:15 am, to be exact), I arrived at the church to complete the paint job. Pastor Toby was inside (his was the only car in the parking lot) moving chairs around. He graciously allowed me entrance but seemed incredulous that I was there so early to finish painting.
It only took a few minutes.
Most things do.
It's the first step that's the hardest.
Even when it's the second coat.

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