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My old Boy Scout tie rack ran out of space. I couldn't whittle down the ones I had, so I decided to make a rack that would handle them all. I am using specially turned pegs and a backboard of curly maple with routed cherry trim.
I've decided the project needed some additional interest and have added some 3/8" walnut trim behind the cherry. I think it frames things well.
The great debate this past week with my dad was that he thought I'd save the curly maple for some visible project and not squirrel it away in a closet somewhere. He's got a point, although I'll be looking at it daily.
Here's the tie rack. The pegs are 1" on center (left to right). There are two rows. The top row is also 1" on center (L-R), but offset 1/2"(L-R) and 1 1/2" top to bottom.
It might be easier to see from this angle.

So here's what you need to know to make your own. I started with a 3/4" piece of curly maple. It is 3.5" wide.
The distance from the top edge of the top row of pegs to the edge of the board is approximately 1". This is also true for the distance from the left edge of the top row of pegs to the left edge of the board. This is also true for the distance from the bottom edge of the bottom row of pegs to the bottom edge of the board.
In short, there's a 1" field that surrounds the arrangement of pegs.
The pegs are 1" on-center apart from each other left-to-right. That goes for the top row as well as the bottom row. Each peg in the bottom row is offset .5" from its corresponding partner in the top row.
The bottom row is 1.5" on-center lower than the top row.
If you've got a drill press, I'd recommend using it. The peg's tenon is 3/16" diameter and 3/8" long. I drilled down 1/2".

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