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A friend from church has a son who needed some shop time to construct some Christmas presents. He and I made a bedside table inspired by a Norm Abram version of a Shaker sewing table for two of his sisters.
This is what we started with: a six-foot 8/4" x 12" slab. (Plus some 1/2" scrap and some spare 1" x 2" poplar.)
We finished around noon on Christmas Eve. The groove in the center of the drawer front echoes the drawer divider on the inside. I think all my table legs will be tapered from now on. There's just something very classy about the way these legs taper. We built a jig specifically for this purpose.
The drawer front is some scrap 1/2" poplar with a chocolate color to it. Very pretty.
A hour for the legs, an hour to shape them, an hour for the top and nearly seven hours to assemble it all (including the drawer creation). We used a Kreg jig to make the pocket holes. We did not do mortise and tenon. The question around the house today is whether or not any subsequent ones would take less time.
It also appears that I need to aquire some additional pocket hole screws of varying lengths. And something to store/organize them all in. I'm thinking that drawers would go together very nicely if one were to use pocket holes.

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