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Sky-blue Pink Skirts

Skirt 1Inspired by Jeanne's Toddler Skirt Tutorial over at Life in Cleveland, I decided to get some sky-blue and pink fabric for my daughters and give this a try.

A quick trip to Jo-Ann Fabric saw me in a weaker moment. The daughter (age 3) wanted a couple of different pinks and a couple of different blues.

Four yards later, we came home and I began measuring and cutting and sewing.

First, her waist is about 24" in circumference. (Oddly enough, so is the older daughter's!) Second, there's about 18" between where she wears her pants & skirts and her ankles. Third, I don't follow directions very well.

I cut about 16.5" off the 45" section of pink. And a 45" long strip of 5.5" wide blue. Then I followed the directions a bit, lined up the pink and the blue, rolled up the pink, made a tube of it all with the blue, pinned it and sewed it up. (See her blog post for better instructions.)

Skirt 2Turn all that right side out, iron the sleeve for the elastic, sew that sleeve, sew the skirt's sides, insert the elastic, fasten it into the sleeve and hand it to the girl to try on.

Then, it's outside to twirl around in the sunlight. We picked a daisy for an accessory (hope Mom doesn't mind)!

Of course the older one (age 10) wants one, too and Dad is quick to churn out another one. We still have plenty from these two yards for pockets and maybe a belt/sash, too.

The date/time stamps on the photos says it took 40 minutes to make the second one, however, I think it was a lot less—either that or fun makes time flies!

That was quite fun and I really like how they turned out. I'll cut out a couple pairs of pockets in a contrasting color (pink on blue and blue on pink), iron over the edges and sew those on tomorrow. And I still have two yards left for another two or three.

Eldest daughter brought me a skirt book with some excellent ideas for patterns which we might try. One is a double-layered skirt that would look excellent with the remaining sky-blue pink pair that we have.




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Super Super cute!!! Thanks for all of the links and I'm so glad you enjoyed the tutorial. Can't wait to see what they look like with pockets!

I was at JoAnne's today in a weaker moment, too. It's hard to walk out of that place without piles of fabric these days.

You're absolutely right about Jo-Ann and quantity of fabric. I find it helps if I do the math on how many dollars it will take to walk out the door. That usually has me putting one or two things back. And their coupons can take the sting out of many purchases.

I'll post an update when we get to pockets!


The skirts really enhance those cute sisters! Great job Jeffrey!


Love them. Especially the girls in them:) I wish their Aunt had thought to make them some skirts long ago!

Well, we have some additional fabric and I could bring with me when we see you in a couple of weeks! I'm certain my youngest would appreciate having additional ones to wear!

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