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The construction costs associated with this project are being tracked.
My wife has asked me to replicate her Grandmother's china cupboard. The plans will eventually be available here. This is a picture of the original.
33 board feet of 1x12 cherry. Nice.
Chopped them up into pieces that fit under the couch. They'll stay there until after the Christmas rush when I can spend the kind of time on them that they deserve. Boy, was it nice to smell freshly cut cherry. Reminds me of strawberries for some reason.
Trimmed them and got some measurements together.
Ran a rabbet on both vertical members, also two dados -- one for the bottom of the top cabinet and one for the bottom of the bottom cabinet. Time to get some 1x4" stock.
Machining the parts for the face frame.
Built the face frame today.
Attached the face frame.
Drilled holes for shelf pins using a jig I'd previously made.

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