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Bike Commuting: Day 1

From near home to LaunchHouseThis week is Cleveland Bicycle Week and I have decided to take the challenge. I just arrived at the Shaker LaunchHouse where I consult, leading technical projects and people for startups.

Here's the route I took.

From my Bell F20 cyclometer, here are the stats:

3.339 miles
14:05 mm:ss
Average speed
14.4 mph
Maximum speed
27.3 mph

Here are some of my observations:

Borderline weather can be nice
It was 49°F today and overcast. I started out in shirtsleeves and chilly and ended up nicely warmed by my arrival.
Bike lanes can be a hindrance rather than a blessing
Having a painted bike lane for my whole Lee Road segment in Cleveland Heights made me feel like I couldn't move out of the lane to avoid the many manhole covers, etc. in that narrow confines.
All stop lights/signs should be at the top of hills, not the bottoms
With stop lights at the bottom, all one's momentum (from riding down the hill) is killed by stopping at the light.
It's doubtful that cyclists are taken into consideration when placing manholes, etc.
See note on bike lanes above.
Fenders on bikes are nice
I didn't hit too many puddles today but it was nice not worrying about them.
Using your front and back lights during the daytime doesn't create a force field.
But it feels like it helps
We need more bike racks
Or perhaps when the LaunchHouse gets further along, I'll be able to lock my bike up in the back.

One final lesson I may have picked up. Normally in the car, I budget about 15 minutes to get here. Not counting some extra prep (firming up the tire, packing extra rain gear, etc.) and locking up the bike upon arrival, it was almost a minute faster to ride than it would be to take the car.


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