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20051014 - Family Camping at Beaumont

Our Pack really enjoys camping. This is the page for our Fall Beaumont Campout which was from Friday night (October 14, 2005) through Sunday morning.

Equipment Checklist

The equipment checklist.

Tentative Agenda

The tentative agenda.

Beaumont Scout Reservation Map

Map of Beaumont Scout Reservation.

Map to Beaumont

Map to Beaumont Scout Reservation.

Placeholder for pictures

It was mostly guys, so it isn't likely that there will be any pictures. One can hope.

Memorable Moments

A memorable moment was realizing that both the Webelos Den (Sat. dinner) and the Wolf Den (Sat. lunch) had planned hot dogs. In the future, menus will be discussed and disclosed at the campout planning meeting.

Another was discovering that the Den in charge of Saturday breakfast was not present Saturday morning. The Cubmaster saved the day by driving into town while the Webelos DL led the Pack on a hike (Lodge 3 - Helpful to Chestnut via Lodge 4 - Friendly and then over the Lake Klein dam).

A cool discovery was Sunshine in a Cloud. We had it as dessert for Saturday dinner. Try it!

I personally enjoyed the service project that a Webelos' father supervised. A "Cub Scout"-sized project we asked for and we got one. Ranger Denny provided us with 12 8"x48" pieces of plywood with a hanging hole bored in one end. The Cubs affixed a CO detector to the bottom-most part of each one. The cabins are not heated most of the winter and it seems that the CO detectors can't handle sub-40F temperatures. So these boards will allow for easy installation and removal. We used "egg-beater" style hand drills to drill pilot holes and old-fashioned bit (Phillips bits) and braces to drive the screws. It's amazing how much torque can be gotten with that setup.

Another thing we did was make Marshmallow Shooters from these plans.

Morning and evening flag ceremonies were a hit and provided "book-ends" to the day.

Our campfire program was pre-programmed! The first time Dens had prepared skits and songs before the campfire in over a year. The Webelos did the Emergency Broadcast System skit as well as the Invisible Bench skit. The Bears sang two songs, the Cub Scout Advancement Song and Old Akela had a Pack (both from the Cub Scout Songbook). The Wolves did the Natural Disaster Firing Squad skit. We told jokes and riddles and then the Webelos closed with the Cub Scout Vespers and then our Pack Committee Chair led the group in Ghost Chickens in the Sky.

The Cubmaster was very careful to only have "Informational Items" all weekend. At the very last flag ceremony, he (intentionally) slipped and said the "A" word so we all got to sing the Announcements song once.