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Ticket Item #1


Increase position-specific training in Pack 11 to 95% of Leaders trained and instill an ongoing appreciation of training and its value to the Pack's leadership


Den Leaders, Assistant Den Leaders, Pack Committee Chair, Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmasters and other Committee Members


Identify, track and maintain both completed and needed training in Pack 11. Stay current with training opportunities available in the district and council. Match opportunities with the need in the Pack. Communicate training opportunities to those needing it.


Pack 11, Glacier Ridge District and Greater Cleveland Council


Now through September 2006 -- this would allow for two cycles of training.


This Ticket item will be accomplished with the following steps: Track and maintain both completed and needed training for Pack 11's leaders Become aware of training opportunities in Glacier Ridge and nearby districts (including University of Scouting and Woodbadge) and promote them widely and strongly to Pack 11's leaders Target each Pack Leader with role-based training opportunities based on the need of the individual and the Pack Partner with other nearby Pack Trainers and Packs to compile a list of training needed in their Units not met by existing opportunities and partner with the District Cub Scout Training Chair to find or create training opportunities to meet those needs


Every Cub deserves a trained leader.

How Verified

The following data will be kept: Training records for Pack 11's leadership Training opportunities identified and communicated to those needing it Communications with other Pack Trainers identifying training needs and our concerted efforts to find or create training opportunities to cover the needs