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The pocket doors and the two walls are now complete.
Stanley makes a nice product. The instructions were easy to follow, easy to implement and very quick. The jamb studs (you can see two in the first picture below) are made out of particle board (with a metal casing). I had to move one that was already nailed and the particle board snapped (my fault). I'm routing out the particle board portion, machining another and reinstalling.
Standing in the Powder Room, looking toward the wall and door that will lead into the hallway (door in pocket).
The horizontal pieces leading into the photo's upper left are "ceiling joists" (what are they really called?) for the Powder Room. I need another before I can install the exhaust fan.
Same basic position and includes a detail of the pocket door header (door in pocket).
Now we're outside the Powder Room (standing in that hallway) looking at the bottom of the wall and its door (door in pocket).
Same location as before, but this time with the door closed. I'm planning on using 1/2" plywood instead of drywall for this side of ths pocket/wall to make it a bit more stiff. My wife wants a shallow pantry on this side and plywood will give me more options for fastening cabinets and counters to the wall.

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