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Since I'm now supposed to have extreme confidence in my plumbing ability, my son and I installed the 3/4" subfloor after installing some 100 square feet of R30 batting in the crawl space. I'm closing up the floor joists with 1/2" insulating foam (R3). I'm wishing I'd kept some of those wooden laths from the plaster demolition -- they'd make great slats for keeping the screw heads from breaking through the insulation when I attach them to the floor joists.
The walls are all getting R13. The original plan was to install Icynene insulation. I guess I didn't look far enough because there's an installer "just down the street".
A look at the plumbing (and newly installed R30 insulation!) from below. I'm standing in the doorway to the crawlspace, looking toward the far corner where the bathroom sink will end up (the far end of the white PVC pipe).
This is probably all I'll get to this year while I focus on the living space above.
Eventually all the joists and R30 insulation will get covered with this 1/2" R3 foam stuff. This is where I'd like to use the laths; screw through them and the foam into the floor joists to keep from popping through the foam.
Here's the powder room corner where the sink will be installed. Space is tight, so I decided that the drain would be inside the wall (which it almost is).
Some of the room's R13 is visible.
Here's where the WC will live. There's 12.5" from the stud to the center of the drain. I hope that works!
You can also see some more of the R13 I've been installing.
(The blue electrical box in the left of this picture is the same one in the right of the above picture.)
This picture shows how Previous Workers installed one-by material to the ceiling joists to level out the roof's slope. This week those will be replaced by 2" x 6" that follow the same profile.
The ceiling fan box will get dropped to match. And a ton of R30 insulation (yes, it will be a tight fit on the thin end) will go in between.
I'm waiting to insulate that far wall until after I figure out how to frame out the window. The header is supposed to be doubled and turned on edges, there are supposed to be a number of sleeper or jack studs, etc. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet.
This is where the sun room's "bar" sink will end up. The measurements didn't quite end up as I wanted; now I'm beginning to see why the Previous Workers did the weird things I've found so far...
You can see a bit of the WC drain in the upper right corner.

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