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I've a 1917 colonial with some issues. There's a 20' x 8' part that extends off the back of the house that might have been a porch at one time. We demolished it to the studs. It had a back entrance and room, a hallway that led to the main part of the house (and the kitchen), a powder room and a small breakfast nook. We're keeping the basic footprint of the area (except the bathroom which is going to be slightly smaller).
This week was the plumbing.
Sorry about the focus. These are the two misfits who helped on this Back Porch Refit.
They're waiting on their bed-time stories (hence the PJ's).
A look at the plumbing from below. I'm standing in the doorway to the crawlspace, looking toward the far corner where the bathroom sink will end up (the end of the white PVC pipe). I don't know if the entire length is a 2o pitch, but it slopes downhill the whole way. We'll put water in it 11/14/03.
Here's the top view of that far corner where the bathroom sink will end up. I know the pipe is too long, but rather too long than two short. (And I'm planning on an Air Admitance Valve (AAV example) in there, too.) I re-used some of the 1/2" copper tubing. Hot and cold, anyone?
Here's a look at the existing water closet drain and the H&C pipes headed toward that bathroom sink. I think you can just make out the "T" where the WC supply line will come up through the floor.
The blue chalk line represents where the bathroom wall will be. On the other side will be the breakfast nook's refrigerator and the "bar" sink.
Here's the same area from a different angle. We're looking roughly at the wall and the final resting place of the breakfast nook's refrigerator.
The challenge that really hit us was the existing WC drain and air pipes. We're fairly certain that it all predates 1977 and may go back to the 30's. They seemed to all be in the wrong places for us to put the new drain pipes.
Now you can really see the fun we had with the pipes. The bottom right shows the "T" that will be the "bar" sink's drain (with AAV also). The two supply lines are slightly out of whack, but will line up with the floor joist (where the wall's footer will sit). The existing drain line for the old bathroom sink came in from the left, but didn't seem to line up with anything, so we took it out and now we're tieing our new one in with it inside the house foundation.
I've rotated 180o and this is a closeup of my first pipe sweat. Not completely straight. Don't congratulate me until we perform the first pressure test (11/14/03).
All the supply lines will be insulated and this crawl space will have two layers of 6mil poly on the bottom (extending up the walls a good 12", too). Then the walls will get 2" of that pink foam stuff (R10). The floor joists will get filled up with R19 or some such and then will have 1" (R5?) foam screwed into it. I'll remember to put the vapor barrier up this time.
We had hoped to save the wood planks but some of them were so rotted that we couldn't. So we're using the good ones and some 3/4" plywood to act as a base. I've got some 1/4" stuff to go over it and then we plan to install some prefinished maple. Except the bathroom. I'm thinking tongue & groove southern yellow pine and painted a Shaker-period brown glaze.
The back porch (not pictured) to this back porch is going to get ceramic tile and be our new mud room.

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